Carly Argent

“As one of Carly’s clients for the past five years, I often get compliments on my skin. I share Carly’s number freely with friends because I want everyone to have the pleasure and benefit of her treatments. She has transformed a typical hormonal/combination mix into skin that glows - and a spot is now a very rare occurrence. Her microdermabrasion facials make skin look radiant right away - without redness, irritation or recovery time.

Erin Moore, Editor

“Carly has a great eye, no-one has made my eyebrows work with my face as well as she has.” 

Anna-Marie Holub, Advertising Creative Director 

"Carly has been looking after me for over 10 years now. She has always done a faultless job with my threading and her facials are not only incredibly effective, but also deeply relaxing. Recently, Carly has also started to blend her own facial oils and these are just as fantastic as her treatments. I have no qualms at all referring her and her products to everyone I know." 

Tamara Benjamin, Head of PR and Communciations 

"Simply put, there is no other person in the world that I would let do my eyebrows. To say Carly has a good eye is an understatement. My best friend always makes sure to stop by with Carly when she visits, even though she lives in New York and might only be here for a couple of days..... I almost don't want to tell people about how great Carly is - I like that I can still get appointments! If eyes are the windows to the soul, then you shouldn't let anyone but Carly near them. She's a goddess."

Meredith Coleman, Home Schooler